As we anticipate the release of Church In These Streets next month, Jeezy has decided to reward us with an EP of new material this weekend while we wait. The Atlanta icon stopped by Sway In The Morning to play the title track from Politically Correct, a project that will impact today (Saturday October 10th) -- the date specifically chosen to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March.

Jeezy, who admitted he hadn't slept the previous night, explained the concept of the EP excitedly.

"Being politically correct is speaking on things that really matter, that really touch people," he said. "You know I'm a smart dude, so for me to do something like this -- I'm excited about it because I really want for people to see where my head is at. Who else can say it better? I wrote "My President Is Black". I wrote "The Recession". So for me to come back and say "Politically Correct" on the Million Man March? That's politically correct."

While it wasn't made entirely clear, it seems that the project will be released for free and will be hosted by Jeezy's longtime collaborator, DJ Drama, who was also in the building. "[I'm] Bringing gangsta music back. I'm bringing real music back," Jeezy boasted. Look out for the project later today.