Newlyweds Jeezy and Jeannie Mai are living it up as they enjoy the first few months of their marriage. The two tied the knot earlier this year in an intimate ceremony, and the happy couple has shared bits and pieces of their home life for fans. Days ago, Jeezy shared a photo of himself and his wife soaking up a bit of sun as they relaxed over an ocean view next to an infinity pool. Marriage is treating them well, and Jeannie expressed just how good she has it during a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight.

"Oh my god. Married life feels 1,000 percent different than when we were dating, in the greatest way," said The Real co-host.

"I loved our dating life because we really spent such concentrated quality time getting to know each other and making sure that we were right for each other," she said. "Now being married, it's even more handled with such delicacy and such thoughtfulness, because we're in our forties and we both grew up in households that weren't healthy marriages. We have never seen what that looks like."

Jeannie added that because of their backgrounds, feeling trusted and loved is of the utmost importance. "We want to feel cuddles. We want to feel the romance," she added. "We want to feel dating, want to be hot and heavy with sex. Like, you want all those things. Human beings want those same things. Why can't you communicate exactly what that should look like in order to customize the relationship you have and work towards it?"

Check out a few snaps of the couple below.