Utah Jazz head coach Quin Snyder apologized to Ja Morant, Friday, after a group of fans yelled sexually explicit and racist remarks at the Memphis Grizzlies' star's parents, who were present for the Jazz's 141-129 Game 2 win over the Grizzlies.

"First, I'd like to apologize to Ja and his family," Snyder said after Friday's practice, according to ESPN. "No one should have to be subjected to the kind of behavior that they were the other night. It's deplorable. And the people that made those comments should be banned for life. I'm sorry for [his family] to have to endure that and as I said it's deplorable and concerning and should not be tolerated."

Quin Snyder, Ja Morant
Tim Nwachukwu / Getty Images

Jazz star Donovan Mitchell also spoke about the incident, comparing it to a handful of instances where fans have crossed the line in recent weeks: "You've seen guys say that the way they [would have] handled it would be totally different. It's beyond unfortunate and it needs to change. It happened here. Trae [Young] got spit on in New York, [Russell Westbrook] getting popcorn thrown at him, and we obviously hear what's going on in Boston, too. Enough is enough, man."

Morant says the behavior was unacceptable, but he's now focused on Game 3: "Obviously, it's very unacceptable what went on. My family's doing well. It's just mind-blowing that that type of stuff still continues in the world today. But our focus now, me and my family, is Game 3. Probably go home, watch basketball with them tonight to prepare, and we're very excited to be back home in Memphis, where we're comfortable and have fans who embrace us and love us, treat us like their own."

Game 3 between the Jazz and Grizzlies will tip-off Saturday, at 9:30 PM, EST.