It's finally (almost) here for real. Jazz Cartier's been teasin' his upcoming project for a minute now and after just recently dropping off an A+ album cover, the man is now here with a full tracklist to get us really ready for the 12AM arrival of Fleurever.

The 16-track tape, including one bonus track, is a solo effort with two shoutouts to producer KTOE jumping on the beloved "Right Now" and the newly introduced "VVS." "This is my therapy," he told Exclaim! "Yeah, collaboration is a good thing, and I have songs with bigger artists that I choose not to put out, because this is my story. I've waited two years for this project; I don't feel like people will want to hear a fucking album full of features."

The 25-year-old artist detailed how the creation of his third album was not an easy ride. "I'm a perfectionist, but you can only try to be perfect for so long," he said.

"I think there's beauty in seeing the imperfections and the flaws that a human has. Fleurever started off as just a cool title, but the process [of recording the album] was a learning experience — a spiritual thing. I became in tune with myself as a person and as a man."

If this isn't enough to get you amped on the arrival of the tape tonight then we're lost. Peep the tracklist below and keep it locked on the site for the full album.