If there's one thing for certain in the world of sports, it's that NBA players can be pretty sensitive when it comes to their ratings in 2K. Last week, there were a plethora of NBA players who reacted to their 2K ratings while saying they should have been much higher. 2K Games is still in the process of revealing some of the ratings in the game and one of the players who found out about their overall rating yesterday was none other than Boston Celtics star, Jayson Tatum. Tatum was told that he was an 85 overall which he wasn't really expecting at all.

By the end of last season, Tatum had an overall rating of 87 and that's what he was expecting this season. Despite the slight disappointment, Tatum seems determined to prove everyone wrong and had some interesting comments about the rating.


“I’m going to average over 20. All-Star. And the Celtics are going to the championship," Tatum exclaimed. 

Tatum also said that he plans to have an overall rating of 90 by the end of the season which will certainly be a tall task. The budding Celtics star will have an opportunity to play with the likes of Kemba Walker this season so perhaps it's fair to assume his production will, in fact, go up.