Jayda Cheaves is undeniably good at many things, especially making money. Before the beauty mogul became known for being the gorgeous girlfriend of Lil Baby, the Savannah, Georgia native had already racked up a $2 million net worth on her own long before linking up with the Atlanta rapper. Nonetheless, her entrepreneurial mind doesn't stop the 23-year-old from making mistakes--sometimes very publicly, from time to time. The influencer caught some backlash over the weekend when she shared a photo of herself wearing a questionable face mask. 


Earlier this week, the rapper girlfriend shared a video of herself driving in her custom pink jeep on her Instagram stories. While she did look beautiful, Cheaves' mask is what actually caught everyone's attention. The clear face shield, which resembled a mask often attached to an oxygen tank to help people breathe, appeared to not be effectively shielding anything. One person even pointed out the face shield wasn't even on correctly.

"This is so funny because it’s literally common sense...like why would that part go over your nose?" joked one user in the comments, while another added, "I thought that was a damn oxygen mask." 

Catching wind of the backlash and realizing she was wearing the mask wrong posted an update in her story, writing "But leave me the hell alone cus I just knew that's how I went," admitting she didn't even realize she had it on wrong. 


This is not the first time Cheaves has received backlash for some unsafe behaviors throughout quarantine, consistently attending nightclubs since the start of the pandemic.