By now, we are all well aware of how social media users will often pit people against one another. A simple post can turn into a scandal if left unmonitored, and Jayda Cheaves didn't want her name associated with anything that would cause controversy. The business mogul recently shared a photo of herself posing on her bed with a caption that read, "Only way I'll lose my spot if ig I don't want it no more [alien emoji]."

There wasn't anything suggestive about the post, but people soon jumped online to say that Lil Baby's girlfriend was shading Ayesha, the mother of the rapper's eldest child. After Jayda saw that her name was being dragged through the gossip mill, she let it be known that she wasn't referencing Ayesha at all.

"Hold up lmfaooo subbing whooooo," she wrote. "B*tch bye y'all better gon on onnnnn with that bull sh*t. I'm not subbing a mfn soul. Ew I'm disgusted y'all are even engaging my name in bull sh*t like that."

It seems that Ayesha recently shared a video of herself wearing a string bikini while dancing to Lil Baby's music, and people tried tying the two social media posts together to start beef. Sipe below to check out the posts.