As we've reported, TIDAL has struggled to keep a CEO in place since Jay Z took over the company. The streaming service has continued to give its 1 million subscribers plenty of exclusive content and show access, including the recent TIDAL 10/20 concert.

Although industry insiders collectively seem to think that TIDAL won't last the year, the service continues to persevere. TIDAL fired its CEO in April, along with 25 employees, and since then the position has been empty. Finally, TIDAL has filled its lacking CEO position with Jeff Toig. Toig is perhaps most well-known for his role as SoundCloud's Chief Business Officer, thus he seems like a very appropriate candidate for TIDAL.

After rumors circulated that Hov was looking to sell TIDAL or partner with another streaming service, the company is expecting that Toig will bring some much-needed stability, and dead those rumors once and for all.

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