Over the weekend, Jay-Z blessed the Webster Hall reopening concert with a set, in which he slid a few freestyles into the mix. While many were captivated by his first, which found Hov reflecting on Nipsey Hussle and upward mobility, the second covered similar ground in a different fashion. Now, one of the lines has served to catch attention, if only for the sheer spectacle of the ostentation. In other words, Jay-Z has claimed to be rocking a $2.5 million dollar watch.

"Blueprint on my wrist cost 2.5," boasts Jay. "Only thing that flips the script between you and I, I tried to put em' up on the art then, I got in one, got out at a hard six." The opening salvo went on to blow minds, as the scope of Jay's watch game has never been truly analyzed. Now, GQ and Complex have shed some light on the authenticity of his claim, citing an early April article from the former. 

Breaking down Jay's Richard Mille 56, the writer explains that the sapphire case took 3,000 man hours to make, and set the rapper back $2.5 million dollars. The idea that a timepiece costs such a vast fortune is staggering for us layfolk, but Jay-Z has come to symbolize the upper echelon in damn near every way. One can only imagine the insurance on such a meticulous piece of craftsmanship. Check out Jay's Webster Hall Freestyle below, and sound off. Are you ready for a new album from Hov, the watch God?