Jay-Z's purchase of TIDAL caused a few legal issues over the past few years. The rap giant was sued by the lawyers who helped him acquire the streaming services. The lawsuit alleged that the rapper owed money to the law firms for their services in helping him buy TIDAL. The rapper claimed he was overcharged. However, it looks like this lawsuit is officially in the past.

Vivien Killilea/Getty Images

According to The Blast, Jay-Z took a W in his court battle with the Swedish law firms who claimed that he owed them nearly $600K. The law firms filed a  “stipulation of discontinuance” of their case. They're dismissing the lawsuit entirely without having the option to refile at a later time. Both parties' legal teams signed off on the stipulation, meaning the case is now officially closed.

Roschier and SEB, the Swedish lawsuits who accused Jay-Z's company, S. Carter Enterprises, of owing them money for their services in representing HOV in court over the purchase of TIDAL. They said Jay-Z hired them to “act as financial advisor and handling and settlement agent to Carter Enterprises or its designee for the Tidal deal.”

They said Jay only paid them a portion of what they were owed. Roschier said they were owed $294K while SEB said they're owed $304,383.

Hov claimed the lawyers overcharged him, saying they didn't do their job to the fullest extent. He wanted the suit tossed since they didn't "perform under the contracts they now seek to enforce.”