It's been roughly a week since Jay-Z had the internet in shambles after announcing Roc Nation's partnership with the NFL. The move ruffled a lot of feathers since Colin Kaepernick was essentially silenced and blackballed from the NFL. Jay's deal was essentially made to form a partnership for entertainment and enhance the league's social justice efforts. Shortly after, reports emerged saying that Jay-Z was also in talks to become a part-owner of an NFL team. However, that might not be true after all.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

According to CBS Sports, sources close to the situation have disputed that Jay-Z will be purchasing part owner of an NFL team any time soon. Although there hasn't been much other information provided, it seems that in the midst of the controversy of Roc Nation's deal with the NFL, someone put out this false narrative out in the world.

Jay's deal with the NFL was met with tons of criticism from fans, peers, and NFL players, especially those with close ties to Colin KaepernickEric Reid and Kenny Stills both took aim at Jay-Z, especially after the rapper said that we were past kneeling. 

However, not everyone was mad at Hov. Hov got support from Cardi B, Vic Mensa, and DJ Khaled. Cardi B and Vic Mensa both said that they believe Jay would figure out a way to bring Kaep back to the league if the rap icon became a part-owner.