Doe Bwas killed in an Alabama club shooting last December, and as tragic as the incident was in itself, the wasted potential only made it worse.

T.I., who recruited Doe for his Hustle Gang team, and has sung his praises ever since, continues to keep the Alabama rapper's legacy alive.

In a new clip, Tip recalls comparing Doe B to Biggie in a conversation he had with Jay Z, prior to the rapper's death.

“I said, ‘Man. Doe B is the Southern Biggie,’ he recalled, explaining that Jay was fairly skeptical of the claim. "The man looked at me. He took his glasses off and said, ‘What did you say?’ I said, ‘I said he’s the Southern Biggie.’ He said, ‘Don’t say that.’

T.I. then hit Jay with an argument that made him think twice. "I said, ‘Why not say that? You’re saying the South don’t deserve a Biggie.’ He said, ‘You thought about this, didn’t you?’”

Watch the clip below.