It's no secret that Jay-Z has a successful track record when it comes to his businesses. From selling his stake in Ace of Spades & Tidal to launching his own marijuana company this year, the NY rapper has become a business tycoon over the years, and now he’s letting some Wall Street executives in on some of his tricks and secrets. In fact, he’s going to show some executives the “blueprint” to his success by giving a speech at next month’s Robin Hood conference. 

Mike Coppola/ Getty Images

According to CNBC, Jay Z has been added to the lineup to speak at next month’s Robin Hood conference where he’s expected to speak about his business career, including how he built his multibillion dollar brand, and how he uses data to make investment decisions. In addition, he’s also expected to discuss his recent deal with Square, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s payment company, as well as his work with the Reform Alliance, a criminal justice advocacy group.

“We are especially excited to welcome Jay-Z, one of the greatest entrepreneurs of his generation, to speak at the conference. He exemplifies the visionary, cutting-edge investor that shares our stage each year to provide expert insights while supporting the measurable and sustainable programs Robin Hood operates to elevate New Yorkers out of poverty,” John Griffin, founder of Blue Ridge Capital and Robin Hood board chair, said in a statement to CNBC on Thursday.

The virtual conference for Robin Hood is scheduled to take place on June 16 and will be a fundraiser for the foundation.