In 2008, Jay-Z teamed up with a megawatt crew to bring some star power to Obama's campaign trail, and most recently, the Brooklyn rapper released a new PSA urging voters to hit the polls during the upcoming elections. Now comes news that Obama's team might recruit Hov for an official position in the next presidential campaign.

White House Press Secretary, William Burton, told the New York Post that Jay-Z would be a great asset to Obama's team. "I can't believe you've finally heard the chatter about him replacing Larry Summers," Burton jokingly told the Post. "In all seriousness, keep in mind he was pretty active during the 2008 election, so I don't think it'd surprise anyone that he would be involved again. But it's a little premature."

Just to be clear, "premature" means that this story comes with a side of humor. Currently, Jay-Z is hot on the trail promoting his upcoming memoir 'Decoded.' Last week he appeared at the Delano hotel in Miami, where he debuted a new excerpt from the book on the bottom of the hotel's pool. The appearance was part of his current partnership with search engine Bing to preview the new book. Fans can log onto to find clues that will help them locate pages from the memoir that will be scattered throughout different cities.

'Decoded' will land in bookstores on November 16.