If you aren't caught up to speed on the ongoing Jay-Z and Kanye West beef, be sure to check out this comprehensive breakdown on the entire ordeal right here. Basically, Jay-Z and Kanye West were once part of music's most tried and true creative partnerships, producing countless hits and even the acclaimed album Watch The Throne. However, the relationship went on to sour in recent years, and the two men began exchanging shots in both their music and live concerts. Despite that, Jay-Z has always maintained that his relationship with Kanye will always be a brotherhood, and the 4:44 rapper recently told the New York Times that "there's genuine love there."

Since the last week's lengthy cover story, many fans have been hoping that a Throne reunion would occur sooner than later. Now, some footage has surfaced from Jay's recent concert in Chicago that has people feeling some genuine excitement. Apparently, Jay surprised the crowd by throwing on Kanye West's "Can't Tell Me Nothing," and ended the snippet by saying "Shout out Kanye West, peace and love." To nobody's surprise, the place went crazy, and perhaps this is an early step toward a genuine reconciliation. After all, Jay seems to be in a peacemaking mood; at the same show, he buried the hatchet with former mentor Jaz-O, after a fifteen-year beef.

Here's hoping that Jay and Kanye can sit down for a meeting of the minds, settle their differences, and produce some music again. Kanye has been hard at work on his upcoming album, and Jay-Z's 4:44 was a musical second wind. Together, the Throne may very well have potential to take over 2018.