The internet has provided us with gold every time a celebrity's deposition leaks. We've seen it with Lil Wayne and Justin Bieber in the past but both of them have been used as examples for high-profile figures to dodge being deposed on film. However, that doesn't work for everyone, including the most famous celebrities in the world.

According to Billboard, Jay-Z has been forced to undergo a filmed deposition in the case against him filed by the fragrance company, Parlux. This comes over a month after he canceled being questioned once it was revealed it would be filmed. A motion filed by his legal team said "depositions of other high-profile celebrities have been leaked" and could have grave impacts on the rapper's career and brand if "tabloids like TMZ" managed to get the footage.

The judge on the case has found a solution to Hov's fear and the company's request for a filmed deposition. Three watermarked copies will be given to each party. Hov is set to be deposed on Friday at the Roc Nation office but the company who's taping the deposition won't have the right to keep the original copy or upload it online to iCloud or other cloud computing services. The judge wrote, when the parties receive their three watermarked copies together, they will destroy the original."

Jay-Z will also have to pay for the out-of-pocket costs as well as the legal fees for the canceled deposition.