Recently reports have been circulating the internet that Jay-Z says he will not use the word "bitch" again, since the birth of his daughter. There was a poem, supposedly written by him, which has also been circulating and is cited along with these reports. Sources close to the rapper however have declined to confirm or deny its authenticity. The poem was first published by Rolling Out, and they did not cite a source for the poem.

The day before  Jay-Z re-opened his club, 40/40, in NYC, he told Daily News that the "poem and story are fake." The only release since the birth of Blue Ivy Carter was the song "Glory," which dropped on Jay-Z's website "Life + Times."

Daily News also reported that Beyonce is set to make an appearence at the club on Wednesday night for it's re-opening. Jay-Z has said that the club was renovated with "four gargantuan, state-of-the-art 165-inch video screens and golden bats lining the walls of banquetes." He continued, "I wanted to retain the feel of a clubhouse, a relaxed place to interact with friends."