Although Hov himself is having no problems selling Magna Carta Holy Grail, his clothing line, Rocawear, seems to be struggling as of late. This past June they were sued for an unpaid bill of $450,000 and now they're facing another lawsuit from a rival clothing company. This is on top of a huge loss of sales the company has been suffering for awhile now, which forced them to lay off a bunch of employees last year.

The trouble continues today, with the report of a new lawsuit being thrown Rocawear's way. Rocawear has been selling t-shirts with the writing 'Hood Love' on them, and now a company by the same name says they've owned the trademark for 'Hood Love' since 2006.

The for-profit company, Hood Love LLC, that looks to improve poverty-stricken communities, filed a lawsuit against ROC Apparel Group earlier this month. TMZ reports that the company trademark 'Hood Love' since 2006, however Rocawear has since been trading off their name and confusing the public.

While it's unknown how many dollars the Rocawear 'Hood Love' t-shirts brought in, the Hood Love company is suing for the profits and asking the apparel be taken off shelves.