Amidst the final days of his On The Run Tour II days, Jay-Z has been embroiled in an ongoing court battle with perfume giant, Parlux Fragrance. The "Hard Knock Life" rapper was confronted with an 18 million dollar lawsuit. The company suing him claims that he failed to honor a commitment to promote one of the company's fragrances, titled "Gold."

In his defense, Jay-Z's lawyers have argued that he did not intend to neglect his responsibilities to the company, but was in fact overwhelmed with a substantive amount of work, and work-related engagements such as appearances at "Good Morning America." Jay's lawyers are claiming that he essentially, could not have completed any worthwhile promotional work for "Gold."

While in court earlier this week, Parlux Fragrance claimed the defense does not hold water, and asked that the judge presiding over the case require Jay-Z to present his calendar for the years 2013, 2014 and 2015 to the court. In response to this, Jay's lawyers contended that forcing their client to present his schedule would reveal little known and imperative business information and compared the case to the "Spanish Inquisition."

Following news of the lawsuit, Hov proceeded to counter-sue Parlux Fragrance, accusing the company of with-holding 2 years' worth of royalties from him. The judge has told both parties that they have 2 weeks to resolve matters on their own.