The Mayor of Philadelphia has reportedly announced that it's annual Made In America festival will no longer be taking place at the Ben Franklin Parkway. An official statement from the mayor's office says the city is interested in discussing its future location, but "the need for an event of this scale at [Ben Franklin Parkway] may no longer be necessary."

Although they say they look forward to continuing a partnership with Jay Z and his festival, it seems as though Jay isn't so pleased with the move since the eviction from the park comes without warning and without an official meeting to discuss the matter. 

“The Made in America festival is a multi-cultural platform that represents strength, freedom of speech and perseverance for artists and music lovers. Philadelphia, an iconic city, represents those ideals. The location is integral to the pulse of the festival," the response reads. "The Parkway is a cultural arts center that is symbolic to over 600 artists that have performed at this event. The Parkway captures the freedom and spirit of inclusivity that drew us to the city of Brotherly Love. The celebratory nature and essence of this festival has inspired locals as well as visitors from across the nation to enjoy Labor Day in Philadelphia."

It adds: "We are disappointed that the Mayor of the City of Philadelphia would evict us from the heart of the city, through a media outlet, without a sit-down meeting, notice, dialogue or proper communication. It signifies zero appreciation for what Made In America has built alongside the phenomenal citizens of this city."

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