Jay Z has been forthright about his love for art, name-dropping the likes of Picasso, Andy Warhol, Mark Rothko, Jeff Koons and Jean-Michel Basquiat through out various records. However, he's not so forthright about the pieces of art that he purchases for himself. Recently he added a Basquiat painting to his personal collection, although he attempted to purchase the painting anonymously. 

An anonymous buyer purchaed a painting from Basquiat titled "Mecca" last week, and as it turns out, that was none other than the H-O-V. The 1982 painting was purchased by the rapper at Sotheby's in Manhattan, the NYPost reports. The painting set Jay back a cool $4.5 million, although it's estimated to be worth $4 million- $6 million.

Check out "Mecca" in the gallery above. In Hov's latest album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, the rapper references around $493 million worth of art.