One of the most infamous events in Kanye's career is when he stormed the stage during the 2009 MTV VMA's after Taylor Swift's video beat out Beyonce's.  Well, Jay-Z used an opportunity Sunday to poke fun at his Watch The Throne collaborator.  The two won the Best Video award for the video of "Otis" off Watch The Throne.  

Playing off when West grabbed the mic from Swift and said ,"Yo Taylor, I'm really happy for you, I'm going to let you finish but..."  Jay-Z waited until West was giving his acceptance speech, and Jigga interjected "excuse me, Kanye, I'm going to let you continue, but..." Unlike when Kanye cut-off Swift, the crowd roared with laughter.  

Kanye laughed "I was trying to defend your girl, man!"  As he mistakenly thought he was defending Beyonce after her video lost out to Taylor Swift's back in 2009.  The mood was light this time around and Beyonce was seen laughing about Jay-Z's joke.