Jay-Z continues to do things differently for the rollout leading up to his new album, Magna Carta Holy Grail. In anticipation of a Justin Timberlake collaboration titled "Holy Grail," which we'll be receiving in full tomorrow, Hov has decided to let go some of the track's lyrics.

The lyrics were made available through his Google Play app, which Samsung user can now download in the Google Play store. The album will be available for 1 million Samsung Galaxy users on July 4th, and the following 72 hours for the rest of the world.

Peep the lyrics in the gallery above, and check out the full tracklist here. 

[UPDATE: Jay-Z Previews Lyrics for "Heaven."]

Today Hov lets go another preview of lyrics for a different track, following a preview of "Holy Grail" with JT yesterday. 

Check out some of the lyrics for "Heaven" in the gallery above. Although the single "Holy Grail" was supposed to drop today, rumor is it won't arrive until tomorrow, so keep your eyes out.

[Update 2: Jay Previews "Oceans" Lyrics With Frank Ocean]

Jay-Z has given us another sample of lyrics form his upcoming Magna Carta album, with the words from the Frank Ocean-assisted "Oceans".

Check out the lyrics in the gallery above!

[Update 3: Jay Previews "Part II (On The Run)" Lyrics]

Hov continues to give fans a preview of Magna Carta by releasing more redacted lyrics through his Samsung app.

Peep (some) of the words for the record featuring his wife, Beyonce, "Part II (On The Run)" in the gallery above.

[Update 4: Jay Previews "BBC" Lyrics Ft. Nas, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, Pharrell & Timbaland]

While we thought that Jay had revealed all of the features on Magna Carta, apparaently we were wrong as Hov has revealed lyrics to a track that will feature the all-star cast of Nas, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, Pharrell & Timbaland.

View the lyrics in the gallery above.

[Update 5: Jay Previews "Versus" Lyrics]

Hov has now given us an excerpt of the "Versus" lyrics. Track 3 of the upcoming Magna Cart Holy Grail.

You can view said lyrics (along with the rest of the previews) in the gallery above.

[Update 6: Jay Previews "La Familia" Lyrics]

The latest redacted lyric leak from Jay-Z's imminent Magna Carta Holy Grail LP is "La Familia," which may contain a subliminal shot at Lil' Wayne:

Nigga wanna kidnap wifey, good luck with that, bruh / You must gonna hide your whole family, what you think we wearing black for? / What you think we wearing black for? Ready for that war / Ready for that war, ready."

In 2011, Wayne indirectly threatened to kidnap Beyoncé on the song "I'm Good" from Tha Carter IV, on which he raps "I got your baby money / Kidnap your bitch, get that 'how much you love your lady' money." This was itself a response to Hov's "Really you got baby money / You ain’t got my lady’s money" line on Watch The Throne's "H.A.M."

We'll let y'all be the judge. View the rest of the lyrics in the gallery above.

[Update 7: Jay Previews "Tom Ford" & "Beach Is Better" Lyrics]

On top of revealing his new cover art, and the RIAA changing their rules for him, Jay-Z has presented two more sets of lyrics. Read them in the gallery above.

[Update 8: Jay Previews "Picasso Baby," "Crown" and "F.U.T.W." Lyrics]

Hov let's go of three more sets of lyrics from MCHG, one of which a track that was just added to the tracklist. Check out the words to "Crown," Picasso Baby," and "F.U.T.W." in the gallery above.

[Update 9: Jay Previews "Nickels & Dimes" & "SomewhereInAmerica" Lyrics]

Today Jay lets loose two more sets of lyrics off his upcoming Magna Carta Holy Grail album. As usual, check out most of the lyrics for "Nickels & Dimes" and "SomewhereInAmerica" in the gallery above. Is is time for some actual music yet??

[Update 10 : Jay Previews "FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt" Lyrics]

Jay lets go of one last record before his new album is released in a couple hours. Check out the lyrics for "FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt" on the last picture in the gallery above.