Jay Z is making moves in the streaming game, acquiring Aspiro, a company which hosted two European music streaming companies-- TIDAL and WiMP --for a cool $56 million earlier this year. He's no ready to relaunch the sites, but he's decided to turn them into one entity, known simply as TIDAL.

The new version of TIDAL will feature streaming of both audio and video, and will remain as a hi-fi listening experience, offering lossless quality files to premium users. Spotify, Rdio, and BeatsMusic have yet to introduce this level of fidelity to their service, but last we checked, TIDAL also boasted a $20/month price tag, a good double the price of its competitors.

The new site will also feature some editorial features, which makes us think Life + Times may be finding a second home within the site (the L+T url currently redirects there). The new layout will be launching next week, so stay tuned to see what Hov has in store for us.