Not all of the mysteries of Jay-Z's 4:44 have been unlocked, according to a new XXL report.

The meaning of the album's title has been called into questions, even though Jay had already explained the story behind it (it was the time he woke up in the morning to write the title track). However, one fan may have unearthed an intriguing double meaning.

A Twitter user shared a picture online of The Standard Hotel in New York City, with the numbers "444" seen clearly on the wall. Apparently, it's the secondary address for the venue, referring to the Boom Boom Room, a nightclub located at the top floor. However, it also happens to be the hotel where Solange put her hands on Jay, a moment that went viral later on because of leaked security cam footage.

IS it a plausible secret meaning behind the title of 4:44? Sound off below.!