For a man who penned a song called "Oceans," JAY-Z has harbored a notorious relationship with water -- especially when it comes to water-based sports. Memes of his fateful dive into a pool have been immortalized within the internet hall of fame, and his old rival 50 Cent found himself getting in on the fun when Hov attempted to brave a jetski. Suffice it to say, the rap mogul has always appeared uncomfortable around water, and his fans have been quick to poke fun at his expense.

As many know, becoming a parent can change one's perspective on life. For Hov, the birth of Blue Ivy Carter in January of 2012 drove him to face his fears, take the proverbial plunge, and learn how to swim once and for all. He explained as much during his appearance on LeBron James' interview series The Shop


Kevin Winter/PW18/Getty Images for Parkwood Entertainment

“I didn’t learn how to swim until Blue was born,” he revealed. “There goes everything you need to know. This is a metaphor for our relationship. If she ever fell in the water and I couldn’t get her, I couldn’t even fathom that thought. I gotta learn how to swim. That’s it. That was the beginning of our relationship.” 

It's a candid admission from Hov, who isn't entirely known for revealing much about his private life in interviews. And while it's clear that his aquatic abilities are a work in progress, JAY's dedication to bettering himself late in the game is an undeniably admirable trait. Perhaps the next time he's captured in-and-around a body of water, he'll manage to avoid the meme treatment altogether, instead wowing viewers with a dazzling display of the front crawl.