Jay-Z is without a doubt one of the most successful rappers in the music industry. Aside from the quality music he puts out, it's his business acumen that's also helped him maintain his relevance over the years. He's ventured into clothing, liquor, restaurants, streaming services, sports franchises and more. However, the next thing it looks like he's trying to expand on is his "Paper Planes" brand.

Jay-Z's S. Carter Enterprises has filed legal documents in order to hold the rights to their clothing brand, "Paper Planes", TMZ reports. According to the documents, he's trying to hold the rights to the plane logo in order to make it more accessible. From what TMZ says, they're looking to bring the brand into a more commercially accessible places like departments stores with plans to expand further with an online website to shop and more. 

The logo of the brand was initially made by his business partner and long time friend, Emory Jones. The brand will expand past clothing and into cosmetics, jewelry, athletic gear and tour books as well. The brand may not be completely popularized in the sense of mainstream consumption but it is familiar. Jay's been seen wearing a fitted cap with the logo (you could see a glimpse of it above).

This is the second trademark filing we've heard from Jay this year. Earlier in the month, reports said the rapper was moving forward to trademark the "JayBo" character from "The Story Of O.J." under S. Carter Enterprises in order to produce a plethora of merch from clothing to dinnerware.