Yesterday, Billboard released its annual "Money-Makers" list, which rounds up last year's top earners in the music world. In 2014, hip-hop only had three moguls who managed to crack the top 25: Jay Z, Eminem, and Drake.

Jay Z's $22 million got him to #9 on the list, cracking the top 10 for the first time. Surprisingly, almost 90 percent ($19.1 million) of Hov's income came from touring alone. The rapper also made almost 500k in streaming royalties, most of which came before the official launch of TIDAL. 

Next on the list is Eminem, who came in at #20 with $11.9 million. Em beat out all artists in streaming royalties, which still only earned him $1.1 million. One spot behind Shady is Drake, with $10.6 million clocked in '14. His "Would You Like a Tour?" and his "Drake Vs. Lil Wayne" tour earned him a combined $7.7 million. 

That's it for hip-hop, but for some perspective, One Direction topped the list with a staggering $46 million. 

Are you surprised by the results? 

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