It appears Jay Z is having to cut a couple shows out of his ongoing "4:44" tour. On Friday, Hov revealed that his show in Lincoln, Nebraska on December 6th has been cancelled because of technical difficulties in bringing the concert into the arena. Apparently, Hov says getting the video screens up in in the venue would be impossible.

“Due to the scale of this production, we cannot get the screens up on time into the building in Nebraska. This tour is too important to me to do it halfway. I have to cancel the show,” he said. “I respect you guys too much to take the money and run. Peace, Hov.”

This isn't the first time How has had to cancel because of production issues either. He says he also canceled a concert in Fresno, California, for the same reason. 

Those of you who this might affect will be happy to hear tickets are being refunded in full price.

Over the past couple weeks, Hov has been making headlines almost nightly for his antics on the “4:44” tour. Whether its his inspirational speeches & freestyle or showing support to Meek Mill & Colin Kaepernick, Hov has opened up more about his thoughts & opinions in the past couple months than he has all year, with exception to his album of course.

Just a couple nights ago, Jay decided to rap over Drake’s “KMT” record while in Toronto, before going on to do a mash up of “Jigga What” & Drizzy’s “Know Yourself.”

As of right now, the show in Lincoln, Nebraska looks to be the only show that will be jeopardized due to this technical difficulty. And it’s unknown if Jay plans on making it up to those fans or not, but it’s doubtful based on his statement.

Check out Hov’s statement (below) and be sure to revisit his 4:44 album right here while you’re at it.