Angie Martinez shocked most of us when she announced she'd be making the leap from New York radio station Hot 97 to their main competitor, Power 105.1, but everyone seemed to leave on good terms. The famed radio personality had her first show on Power 105.1 yesterday afternoon, and she started out with a bang, getting Jay Z to call in to speak to her for a few minutes.

Hov vocalized his support of Angie while he called her from the Hamptons, and suggested that Angie not allow any guests on-air until he's able to make an appearance first.

He told her, "I really believe that what you are about to accomplish in the next phase of your life will dwarf everything that you’ve ever done. Because, that’s what people who are great do. You’re not termed 'the voice of New York' for no reason. You’re an institution in radio. That’s a pretty special feat to accomplish." 

Listen to the clip which is under three minutes below.