In the past, "Law & Order: SVU" hasn't been shy about incorporating real life news stories into its fictitious plots, adapting the Chris Brown/Rihanna saga into an episode last year, and it seems like this season will be no different. For a new episode entitled "American Disgrace," the show's writers threw Jay Z, Solange, Ray Rice and Donald Sterling into a blender in order to create the plot. 

Gossip blog The YBF writes that the episode "stars fictional NBA player Shakir 'The Shark' Wilkins--plyed by Henry Simmons-- who is accused of rape by a PR employee from his clothing line. The ish jumps off after a shocking elevator scene, captured via security cam, and goes public via the 'LMZ' gossip site.  There's no audio and only raw camera footage." 

They add, "Sound familiar?" 

Watch a trailer for the episode below.