Are you ready for some Football? It’s a Thursday night party apparently because starting September 11th, the much-needed Thursday night football games will be airing on CBS, and using a little hip-hop to kick start the evening.

Similar to Sunday Night Football’s Carrie Underwood introduction, CBS is calling on Jay Z, Rihanna and Kanye West to use their “Run This Town” record to start every game, alongside narration from Don Cheadle. Thursday Night Football will feature a customized opening each week that highlights the teams and division rivalries who are playing that specific night. The reel was filmed in an airplane hangar, and was produced and directed by Emmy-winning producer Pete Radovich, who also serves as CBS Sports’ creative director.

The 16-game Thursday night schedule begins next Thursday on September 11 with the Pittsburgh Steelers taking on the Baltimore Ravens, and ends with a Saturday doubleheader on December 20. Tune in on Thursdays for the Roc Nation opener.

You like the choice to use "Run This Town" as the opener?