XXL Reports that Jay-Z and Beyonce Carter are looking to settle down in Los Angeles. And since they're the Carters, it only makes sense that the house they're eyeing runs about ninety-million dollars. If the power couple ultimately secures the Bel-Air home, it will go down as Los Angeles' biggest real-estate deal this year. 

The Carters are currently posted up in Miami, paying up to $400,000 in monthly rent. They've been actively seeking a new place to settle down and raise Blue Ivy, Rumi & Sir, and the Dean McKillen-created home seems the ideal candidate. The LA Times reports the home boasts 30,000 square feet of space, eight bedrooms, eleven bathrooms, four pool, a fifteen car garage, and bullet proof windows. 

Check out some aerial snaps of the crib below, and congrats to the Carters!