Jay-Z and Beyonce made a conscientious choice to film their "Apesh*t" video single at Le Louvre in Paris. Choosing Le Louvre as the location for the primary location for the video shoot was a loaded decision from the start. There's no doubt Jigga and Bey were reeling from the public unfolding of the elevator incident, and the subsequent Lemonade debacle (staged for effect, but no less brilliant), when they decided upon the French archival site.

Then there's the proposition of Black Excellence that Jigga and Beyonce have come to embody, in relation to their growth as a family. In view of the power yield, The Carters, and their eldest offspring Blue Ivy do everything as an impenetrable unit, so as to convey Black Excellence. It entails Blue Ivy participating in all sorts of grown-up affairs like award ceremonies and galas like a devoted troupe of circus performers.

As it turns out, it was only The Carter who profited from staging their "coming out party" at a culturally rich site, but Le Louvre itself who enjoyed a boost in visitors as a result of the video's airtime in 2018. Le Louvre's Jean-Luc Martin wasn't shy to admit that hip-hop's pre-eminent power couple played a giant role in replenishing the museum's global image. 

"It's clear that 2018 was a remarkable year for the international reputation of the Louvre," Martin told Vogue. "The Beyonce video, like the opening of the Louvre museum in Abu Dhabi, ensured that the Louvre was talked about across the world, and one of the consequences of that is the spectacular rise in visitor numbers last year."