Jay Z and Beyoncé are taking steps to make their Bel Air mansion into an impenetrable fortress.

According to XXL, the mansion, which the couple purchased for $88 million back in August, is getting a major upgrade to help improve security. 

No, it's not a moat, though that could definitely be within the range of believability for a power couple like Jay and Beyoncé. Rather, they'll be adding a large security compound. The compound will allegedly include a 10-car carport, a 2-car garage, security guard rooms, and living quarters. The placement of the compound will also be such that all sides of the property will be visible. 

The mansion already includes several buildings, four swimming pools, and basketball court, a home spa, a media room, as well as a staff quarters. It appears as though Jay and Beyoncé could be looking for a live-in security team.

The Carters appear to be going to extra mile when it comes to keeping their home safe, but it's not totally unwarranted. Hollywood robberies are common, and Jay and Beyoncé are set to head off on their On the Run II tour, which will keep them away from the house until mid-October. Not to mention the Carters have three young children, and given their wealth it's not surprising that they would take such extreme measures to protect what's precious to them.

So to any wanna-be thieves thinking of taking a shot at the Carter Mansion, this is your warning to turn back before it's too late.