J. Randy Taraborrelli, a biographer who has penned best-selling works on the lives of Michael Jackson, Madonna, Diana Ross, and more, is working on an upcoming biography on Beyoncé titled "Becoming Beyoncé." 

The book has not been authorized by Beyoncé, and for good reason -- as Taraborrelli has already made a few claims that will likely upset both Beyoncé and Jay Z. The author told Entertainment Tonight that, around 10 years ago, the superstar couple split up for a year because of a rumor that Jay was hooking up with then 17-year-old budding star Rihanna

Taraborrelli confirmed that the rumor was untrue, likely started by a publicist who was trying to jumpstart Rihanna's career at the time. It seems like a faulty strategy, especially considering Rihanna's talent, though, luckily, most of the public didn't buy into the rumors...except Beyoncé, who, according to Taraborrelli, spent a year apart from Hov because she "wasn't sure what to make of the situation." 

What's more, the author also asserts that last year's infamous elevator incident involving Jay and Bey's sister, Solange, was also sparked by Jay's alleged interest in Rihanna. "People told me that there was a whispered argument that night having to do with Jay wanting to go to a party [for] Rihanna," said Taraborrelli about the incident that will likely be depicted in his upcoming book. Apparently Solange overheard the "argument" and lashed out against Jay. 

We wouldn't expect Queen Bey to get jealous over any woman...but this is Rihanna were talking about. Luckily, the two icons haven't squared off -- though that would certainly be a sight to see.