Many people are reading the lines said by both Beyonce and Jay-Z on their new joint album Everything Is Love. For example, the phrase "we ain't meant to be friends" has led many to believe Jigga is adamantly leaving Kanye out the equation. The joint effort as a whole is supposed to be symbolic of Bey and Jigga's reconciliation efforts, following Lemonade which all but outed him as unfaithful husband.

The most recent point of debate regarding Jay-Z's lyrics appears on the seventh track on Everything Is Love titled "Heard About Us." The song which interpolates Biggie's "Juicy" is yet another attempt by the power couple to control the narrative over their personal lives. The following lines quite implicitly address allegations by Rymir Satterthwaite, a man claiming to be Jay-Z's long lost son.

"Billie Jean in his prime
For the thousand time, the kid ain't mine
Online they call me Dad, kiddingly
You're not supposed to take this Dad thing literally"

Jigga references Michael Jackson's famous paternity battle in proving his case, even taking a mild shot at millennial culture for being absorbed by the pseudo-psychological use of the word "Daddy." The timelines works out favourably for everyone except Rymir who may have been lied (if his aim isn't true). First, Jigga steps out on Beyonce, she comes back with Lemonade, he apologizes on 4:44, and they make good on Everything Is Love. Kind of feels like we're stuck in one slow-moving episode of Jerry Springer, the titular characters a few steps ahead of their audience.