Jay-Z's purchase of TIDAL was a major moment for the music industry as a whole. Spotify and Apple Music continue to dominate but TIDAL was the first streaming service made by artists, for artists. However, Jay-Z's also had his fair share of legal issues that he's had to deal with following the acquisition of TIDAL. In early May, the rapper was sued for allegedly shorting the lawyers that helped him in the purchase. Now, the rapper claims those lawyers have been overcharging him.

According to The Blast, Jay-Z is accusing the lawyers who helped him purchase TIDAL of overcharging him. Hov's S. Carter Enterprises was sued by these same lawyers in May for not paying them entirely what they were owed. One of the firms, Roschier, claims Jay-Z owed them $294K while the other firm, SEB, says they're owed $304, 383.

The court documents reveal that Jay-Z says the firms each “performed certain services for which they have been paid yet seek additional compensation.” In addition, he alleges the money they say they're owed came from their  “own culpable conduct in overbilling” him.

Jay-Z now wants the lawsuit thrown out. He says the firms didn't  “perform under the contracts they now seek to enforce" and they didn't do the jobs they were hired for to the full extent.

We'll keep you updated on the case.