Kevin Durant's ruptured Achilles injury that he sustained in Game 5 of the NBA Finals is something that has haunted the Golden State Warriors all week. Many analysts believe Durant shouldn't have been forced to come back so soon, which is rich considering many of these same analysts were begging KD to return to the court. Either way, the Warriors are being lambasted by some members of the media, including ESPN's Jay Williams who had some hard words for the franchise on Get Up! this morning.

Prior to Game 5, Williams explained how Durant would absolutely play in the match and that the franchise told him there was no way he could end up injuring his Achilles. Of course, that wasn't true as that's exactly what he did in the second quarter. This led Williams to accuse the Warriors of misdiagnosing Durant with the intentions of getting the most out of him before leaving the franchise in free agency.

Thanks to the mismanagement of Durant's injury, it appears as though he could miss the entirety of the 2019-2020 season which would be disastrous for KD as he is up for a new contract as of June 30th.

The Warriors will try to close out the NBA Finals without him as Game 6 goes down tonight at 9 P.M. EST. The Toronto Raptors are currently leading the series 3-2.