It's hard to be optimistic in this day and age. After all, we've all been hurt before. And yet, still we clutch strands of hope, perhaps vainly, that one day the entire TDE roster, or even Black Hippy, will hole up in the studio for a collaborative album. We recently saw J. Cole organize a two-week studio session for the ages, culminating in the release of the historical Revenge Of The Dreamers 3 album. Maybe, just maybe, Kendrick Lamar's competitive streak once evidenced on "Control" was reinvigorated, leading him to call the banners accordingly.

A few days ago, Reason (himself a veteran of the Dreamers 3 experience) proclaimed that the entire TDE camp was holed up in the studio for an unknown goal. Naturally, the fans were off to the races with flights of fancy, and rightfully so. Our hearts are not to be played with like this, Reason. As if he didn't know exactly what he was doing.

Now, Jay Rock has come forward to stoke the flames of hype, which are currently at risk of spreading beyond control. Taking to Instagram, Jay Rock shared a few images from the studio sessions, along with a simple yet mystifying caption: "Something brewing that's all." Discern from this what you will, but never forget that we've been wronged before. Could TDE be playing with our emotions so brazenly?