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Jay Rock Releases New "Redemption" Song "The Bloodiest"

Jay Rock - The Bloodiest

  Jun 08, 2018 00:31
Listen to Jay Rock's new leak "The Bloodiest," off his "Redemption" album.

While G.O.O.D Music is having a strong run in the game right now, lets not forget that there’s a ton of other dope projects set to drop soon. Not only is Drake & Nas prepping their new albums for this month, but TDE's Jay Rock is also joining in on the fun and will release his new album Redemption next Friday, June 15th. Available now for pre-order on iTunes, those of you who take advantage of the early purchase will receive this new song for free as an instant download called “The Bloodiest.”

Following up “King’s Dead” & “Win,” take a listen to the new offering and sound off in the comments (below). Look for Redemption to see features from Kendrick Lamar, SZA, J. Cole, and Jeremih, among others. Peep the official tracklist here.

Quotable Lyrics:

So many niggas be wishing they was you bro
Same niggas that’ll hit you with the I love you bro
Tred softly, see the snakes coming I pop them off me nigga
My life costly


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top comment
- Jun 8, 2018

Jay Rock always out here ripping the second verse to shreads

- Jun 9, 2018

Redemption gonna be 🔥 glad Rock is getting his time, puttin on for the real niggas from the 323!

- Jun 8, 2018

This >>>> Win

- Jun 8, 2018

it's shame that sza gets fame and jay rock and ab-soul still underappreciated

- Jun 10, 2018

Just get the strap, Sza is famous smh

- Jun 11, 2018

That's cuz neither one of them are not signed to a major label for more mainstream push, just strictly signed to TDE which is nothing wrong with that.

Marvin Moreno
- Jun 8, 2018

Am I the only one who hears to much Kendrick on this ? Lol

Justin Mccall
- Jun 8, 2018

Jay stick to what you know this don't even sound like you bruh

TDE STAY winning while OVO 40 has MS, PND is a fat mess, Majid Jordan is in ISIS and Drake is a deadbeat dad COON

Hatin ass nigga
- Jun 8, 2018

If Jay Rock didnt write this, then Kur did. #philly

Andrei Zambelli
- Jun 8, 2018

My god that beat is absolutely flamea!! Pure napalm

- Jun 8, 2018

This album gonna be filthy

The fact is this album gonna be better than Nas

Justin Mccall
- Jun 8, 2018

Yea if it's any indication of what we've heard on the first#3 chitty Kanye produced albums

Mitch Findlay
- Jun 8, 2018

i have a good feeling about this album. the fact that this is the opener sets a cool tone.

facts Mitch

Kelly Smock
- Jun 8, 2018

If the two tracks he dropped are any indication of his album then we are in for something special

he been stay on the come up- watch

Jay Rock is the realest, say what u want...!

Just noticed how much this guy yells. This sound is cool, sounds like he’s rappin in a cave tho

Jay and Silent Bob
- Jun 8, 2018

June 15th we get jay rock and nas, what a day

- Jun 8, 2018

The new layout on this website is so fucking atrocious, no cap, yikes.

Micael Reis
- Jun 8, 2018

This website needs to hire an UI/UX designer ASAP.

Playboy X
- Jun 8, 2018

nice track

- Jun 8, 2018


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