Jay Rock's Redemption continues to spin, and the TDE original gangsta has taken a moment to chop it up with the iconic Tim Westwood. While the rapper has been holding it down with a few overseas performances, it makes sense that he'd hit up Westwood's show, given the host's storied love of hip-hop culture. Luckily for us, Westwood managed to elicit a freestyle from Jay Rock, who opted to slide over Migos and DJ Durel's "Hot Summer" instrumental. Not entirely similar to the production aesthetic on Redemption, but a testament to his versatility nevertheless.

Wasting little time in setting a tone, Jay Rock opens his bars with a vivid image. "Look inside the eyes of the real n***as," he raps, "crack babies, NyQuil, Benedryl n***as." Blending stories of the come-up struggle with the rewards he soon came to cherish, Rock lays it all down with a practiced cool. Never flashy, Rock moves like his namesake, solid and sturdy amidst a sea of peacocks and outlandish characters. In that regard, he remains refreshing in his adherence to his own code, coming off as the big brother any rapper aspirant would be lucky to have.

Peep Jay Rock's latest freestyle below, and salute to the TDE camp for holding it down.