Jay Rock always stood out among his TDE peers for having his own distinct sound. Every artist in the Los Angeles-based hip hop collective carved their own lane and Jay Rock's became defined by stern and straightforward storytelling. When he dropped his Redemption project last year, it showed him applying this skill to a more conventional mode. He experimented with trappier beats and poppier hooks, and succeeded greatly. Redemption brought the attention to his name that he deserved for a long time. 

After discovering how good he is at crafting bangers and discovering how well-received they were by the public, it makes sense that Jay Rock would want to continue in this fun direction. And if bangers are the goal, who better to enlist than Juicy J? Juicy J has perfected his fast-tempo, thumping beats that are just begging for someone with a textured voice to hop on them and make them pop out the speakers even more. 

Back in December 2018 - a few months after the release of Redemption - Jay Rock and Juicy J were pictured in the studio together. They promised they were cooking, but whatever it was they cooked, has yet to be shared with the world. Now, once again, they are teasing a collaboration. This time, Juicy J provided us with a bit more info about what to expect by adding the caption, "JUICY J PRODUCTIONS". Hopefully, we don't have to wait too long to hear what these two would sound like together.