Though their music may seem different on the surface, both Kendrick Lamar and Jay Rock move with a clear sense of purpose. Ostensibly playing the role of OG and little homie, the Black Hippy talents have withstood the test of time, retaining camaraderie to boot. Recently, Rock hit up Beats 1 for a chat with Ebro Darden, who proceeded to ask how long the relationship has lasted. 

"Many moons, man," replies Jay Rock, with notable affection. "It's like I say, we was the first puppies in the kennel together. Started right there in that studio in Carson." Citing an early introduction at "The Ten," better known locally as "Centennial High School," Rock explains that Kenny originally pulled up during a studio session, and caught his attention. "He was working on his track, and I was sitting there writing," explains Jay Rock. "He went in like five minute, didn't write nothing. Had my name in the song." After discovering that Kenny freestyled his verse, Rock knew that he was looking at a genuine talent.

He continues, coming through with a massive parallel. "It's like I tell everybody all the time. It's like Kobe and Shaq when we in that studio. That's my little brother, man." Clearly, the words ring true. Kendrick and Jay Rock have consistently made great music together, most recently displayed on Redemption's "King's Dead" and "Wow Freestyle." Plus, K Dot happily played hype-man to Rock's lead in the triumphant "Win" visuals. Clearly, the chemistry runs deeper than music. 

Peep the footage, as well as our own interview with Jay, below.