Have you been bumping that new Jay Rock Redemption album? If not, perhaps consider loading it up; the project is a refreshing addition to the already-impressive TDE catalog. As it happens, Rock has been keeping busy hitting the press circuit, rolling through to chop it up with the legendary Sway, Heather B, and the rest of the Sway In The Morning crew. 

For starters, Redemption is the topic of the day, with Jay Rock opening up about the album's significance. "Everybody know my situation that I had when I dropped 90059," says Rock, "I got into a bad accident...It seems like every time something in my life going good, seems like something always happen. It's always like that with me. I just felt like this is going to be my redemption." From that moment, Jay Rock vowed to come back bigger and better than ever. 

Naturally, the conversation eventually shifts to the folkloric Black Hippy album (15 minute mark), which has essentially become mystified to near Detox levels. While Sway and the team try their best to land any tangible information, Jay happily diverts all responses to Top Dawg, who seems to hold the key to unifying the collective. To be sure, a Black Hippy album would most probably break some records, so it feels like more of an inevitability than a question mark. Still, one has to wonder what it might take to get the four talented lyricists in one studio. Imagine of an album full of "Vice City." 

For more from the ever-humble Jay Rock, be sure to peep the full interview below.