Should you be still letting the excellent Redemption settle in, rest assured that the experience is far from over. For those seeking to get acquainted with Black Hippy's OG, the Road To Redemption documentary series is the perfect window into Jay Rock's story. Featuring a mix of behind-the-scenes clips, archive footage, and current interviews, the series captures the appeal of Jay Rock while serving to develop his underappreciated character. 

The episode features prominent words from Kendrick Lamar, who many are quick to dub one of the best rappers alive. In this video, he reflects on "stalking" Lil Wayne's tour bus circa 2007, in order to land the Lil Wayne feature on Jay Rock's "All My Life." The rest is, as they say, history. What follows is some footage of the initial studio sessions, which took place in Pharrell's Virginia studio. For those who enjoy the making-of process, Road To Redemption features plenty of gems. "That moment in the studio with Wayne, I never told Wayne this," says Kendrick. "That changed my perspective on work ethic." 

Kenny continues his praise, reflecting on how Wayne knocked out twelve verses in one session. "These not no muthafuckin' fly by night verses. These is set right there and thought out right in front of your face. And he's excited about it, and he's loving music, and he loves what he's doing. That gave me a whole other appreciation, and we took that same intensity and work ethic, and applied it moving forward."