Jay Electronica has been talking about his album for so long, that it's become an urban myth. Still, the Roc Nation signee chooses to play with our emotions and hint at new music whenever he pops his head up. Electronica has been in the studio crafting his Roc Nation project for the better part of the last decade. 

It's that time of the year again when Electronica decides to pop up and tease fans with the possibility of an album drop. He took to Instagram to post a snippet of a new track he's working on. "This photo is a sign of my work, my mission in life," wrote Electronica on the post. The picture is of a scuba diver admiring a piece of ancient art, a sculpture that has been relegated to deteriorate under the sea. The sculpture is a great symbol of Electronica's unreleased project: A piece of art hidden just outside of the view of the public. 

Electronica tagged the Alchemist as the producer, and dropped off the snippet without any vocals. That's right, Jay didn't give fans a peek at his verses on the snippet. The instrumental sounds absolutely riveting though, and I'm sure Electronica has astounding bars to match.