Jay Electronica is at it again. What, exactly, we're not sure. The rapper is on Twitter this evening, and after deleting all his old tweets, a common habit of his, he sent out some new ones. The new tweets included a cryptic message which leads us to believe we can expect new content from Jay (visual and/or audio?) in the near future.

Jay started off, "i was gonna tweet, but I'm gonna go youtube commenting instead. Whats your youtube channel? anyone?", which led many fans (we were no different) to tweet at Jay their various YouTube channels. Jay Elec proceeded to subscribe to a bunch (we were no different), and posted a message on his own YouTube page, "Welcome everyone. This will be my main avenue of sharing for the rest of the year. Thank you all for the love and support. Let Us Make Man." 

That message, on top of the mysterious tweet which reads: "ps, we are going to try and burst the heavens open on July 12th." makes us think that the elusive MC will be dropping music soon. But what exactly will happen on July 12th (apart from the heavens possibly bursting open)? We're not sure.

Let us know what you think of all of this means, if anything, in the comment section below. If you hit Jay with your own YouTube channel, he may just hit you back with a subscription.

Check out one of the recent tracks Jay appeared on, "Minutes Of Moog" as well as his "We Made It" freestyle.