Jay Electronica is a fairly enigmatic force in hip-hop, but his support of Soulja Boy actually stands for something, beyond the literal implications of his words. Just as Soulja Boy's significance is being questioned by a smattering of commenters who were barely conscious during his peak years, Electronica, an equally "misunderstood" entity in his own right, has come to his defense by crediting him with the blueprint by which the current "internet" zeitgeist operates.  

For some odd reason, Elliott Wilson, the well-known producer/editor/writer to founded Rap Radar, decided to run Jay Electronica under the bus, for supporting the mercurial Soulja Boy. The SODMG rapper made himself an easy-target this morning by ranting in raving in the latest Breakfast Club interview worthy of enshrinement. As a consequence of Soulja's on-air antics, Wilson opted to denigrate Jay Electronica by association, even though both rappers bear very little resemblance to one another.

In an Instagram repost of Jay's social media feed, Wilson writes, "Jay Electronica gonna act like we forgot he still ain’t drop his album," without provocation. In case you've forgotten, Electronica is often the butt-end of album-push back jokes, because he's been touting the same project for the better part of a decade. But in his defense, good things take tiiiiiiiiiime.