Fans no doubt recall Jay Electronica's hostile response to Eminem's "KILLSHOT," which found Electronica publically lambasting Em's honor on Twitter. "How dare you accuse diddy of killing tupac while you completely look pass jimmy iovine and those who profited from his death the MOST," wrote Jay, in response to Eminem's controversial Diddy lines. "You best tread carefully Son, before i come tear your ivory tower down like Sulaiman done the Templar Knights. #ripProof." He also claims to have put Eminem "in check" amidst the apex of the Ja Rule/50 Cent feud. "Tread carefully @eminem," finishes Jay, a threat of sorts. 

Now, in what will surely fuel the more conspiratorial minds, Jay Electronica has disappeared from Twitter. Pitchfork points out that Jay's account is no longer available on the social media platform; one has to wonder if he willingly deleted it amidst backlash from Eminem fans, or if a higher power felt his ominous words had crossed a line. In any case, neither Jay or his camp have addressed this development. It does, however, stand to reason that telling somebody to "tread carefully" on the internet can backfire, especially if the situation does indeed escalate.

While you wait for an update, be sure to check out Jay Electronica's recently re-released "Shiny Suit Theory," which emerged in the wake of his disappearance.